segunda-feira, fevereiro 04, 2008

Where are you?

This is me with another nervous breakdown
My pressure dropped, this body went with it
Memory fails, I'm feeling claustrophobic
I scream my silent pain in this big plain
There's no one here
Tell me who is there now
Who is there with you?


I want to hear some love words
But not it that dyslexic voice
No I won't tear apart for you
But I was given no choice

I guess I was trying to keep me alive
But once I was dead there was nothing to do beside
Picking me up and lying me down
Waiting for some angel
To wake me and say to me
"Hello. Don't be scared. I want you to know, you're not dead."
Kiss me, is this a dream?
Should I believe it?
Please promise to me that I'm not going to get hurt this time.


Maybe I should close my eyes for years
And wait for the strongest feeling
Out of all of the feelings
to raise from you.

Am I real? Are you real? Is this real? What's real? Tell me, what's real?

by Angel Song, David Fonseca

1 comentário:

Andreia disse...


Posso nao ser uma anjo mas digo-te kuantas vezes precisares
"Hello. Don't be scared. I want you to know, you're not dead."
Muito plo contrário…tens ainda muita vida pela frente…
“No I won't tear apart for you”...já me disses-te esta frase muitas vezes e sei que tens forças para a colocares em prática…
Dói, dói muito…mas VAIS conseguir…

Three songs, a message ...
Will be a sign?

One more piece to your puzzle….

Beijos grandes
Doro-te muito